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Bolton MovieMakers
Movie Challenge Competition

The competition was first held in May 2008.   Entry in the competition is open to any club  in the IAC North West Region with a limit of one entry per club and not longer than 20 minutes. A large number of clubs have entered over the years and a welcome competitor recently has been Northern Ireland Camcorder Club.  
  Movie Challenge has always proved to be an enjoyable evening, being an opportunity to meet up with members of other local societies and we have always managed to show all the entries on the night. There are no refreshments provided in the interval thereby freeing up a bit of extra time, but there is a bar where you can purchase hot and cold drinks, crisps etc. Whilst it is not a requirement of entry to attend on the night, most clubs do so and take the opportunity to meet members of other clubs.
  The competition is pre-judged by a panel and the winner receives a trophy which is kept until the following year. The first, second and third places receive a framed certificate. The current holder of the trophy is AVS Movie Makers who won with their film “K to M”.

The date of the 2019 competition is Thursday, 9th May.

For further details contact Paul Ashlin, tel 01204 529926 or email:

The 2018 Trivention Competition

A Trivention is a competition between two clubs and hosted by a third. The competition is judged on the night by members of the hosting club. Each of the two invited clubs enter a programme of films made by their members. Each club’s programme must not be longer than 40min in length, including all titles and credits.
After one club has shown their programme of films, the hosting club provides refreshments for both clubs, Then the other club then show their programme. This is followed by the judging and distribution of awards.
There are two awards, one for the club who, in the view of the hosting club, show the best programme. The second award is awarded for the best individual film submitted by the other club. The preferred formats for entries is either DVD, BluRay or Pen Drive.
A Trivention competition gives clubs who are located some distance from each other, the opportunity to meet up at a club that is central to them both. We usually host our Trivention competition around September/October each year.
This Year’s Competition will take place on the 27th of September 2018. The Competing Clubs are Cheadle & Gatley Film Makers and Warrington Cine & Video Society.