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Internal Competition Rules

COMPETITION YEAR: This runs from January to December.

ELIGIBILITY: Individual club members or a group of club members can enter club competitions and there is no restriction on the number of films they can enter.

CONTENT & COPYRIGHT:   Content shall meet with the conditions specified for each competition and shall always be of good taste.       Copyright clearance is the full responsibility of the film maker/s.

DURATION: Normally all competition films are limited to a maximum duration of 20 minutes inclusive of all items like titles, credits, The End etc. but not the maker’s logo or insignia.

ENTRY: All entries into a competition must be notified to the Competition Secretary five days before the day of the competition unless the Competition Secretary advises a later time.

A film may be entered into a maximum of three competitions in any one Competition Year except where a film wins a competition then it cannot be entered again during that year.

No film may be entered later than 3 years after its first club competition entry, except where the Chairman agrees to older films being used to boost the number of entries.

All winning films will be entered into the Best of Year Competition.

EDITING CHANGES:  Winning films must not be altered in any way until they have been viewed at the Best of Year competition.   Re-edits of films are allowable in the following two Competition Years.

COMMERCIAL CLIPS: Excerpts from television or other commercially produced films are not permitted unless they are integral to the film's aim; this includes extracts from any films made for financial gain.

In no case must a commercial extract, or extracts, exceed 5 percent of the film’s total duration.

JUDGING: All competitions throughout the year will be judged by the club membership, whether competition entrants or not but competitors are expected not to vote for their own film/s.

The exception is the Best of Year Competition, which will be judged by an external judge if one is available,

 Immediately before the start of a competition the Competition Secretary will: -

a). Issue judging slips to all members attending the competition, including the competitors.

b). Ask the competitors if they would like a critique at the end of the competition.
          c). Keep a record of all entries in the competitions.    

Based on the marking system shown on the judging sheet, all judges will decide which films they consider merit first and second place.    The Competition Secretary will then collect-in and review all the judging sheets to determine, the first and second places.  

The winner will receive a certificate on the night of the competition and a trophy at the Best of Year Competition. If there is only one entry, then that entry will be the winner and awarded a certificate.

However, to justify a trophy, the single entry must, on the night of showing, satisfy the judges on its suitability for the particular trophy.

DISQUALIFICATION:  Infringement of any of the above rules may result in disqualification.

Tickle Trophy: This will be awarded by the Committee for a film judged to be the best runner-up.

Endeavour Trophy: This will be awarded by the Committee for the year long efforts of an entrant who has entered at least two films during the year but has not had a win. Deciding this award will be a subjective process carried out by the committee, prior to the Best of Year Competition.